Instruction for use

To Hydrate


Immerse sheets in water & scrunch in hands to allow air bubbles to escape. Massage each cell until is swollen but ensure that a thumb indentation is left at each cell to allow room for expansion when frozen.


To Freeze

Towel dry, then stack in freezer (12 hours) plastic side down. Do not allow textile surfaces to touch each other or freezer shelves during freezing process or sheets may stick together. Can be frozen over and over again. When finished using, simply clean with mild soap and water and place it back into freezer
for next use.


To Heat

Techni Ice also doubles as a hot pack. Microwave hydrated sheets for 2-3 minutes (maximum of 5 minutes).

Caution: Check to be sure that Techni Ice is not too hot or cold before placing on body, always place a towel between your body and the Techni Ice sheets. Over exposure to skin may cause injury. Use with extreme caution. Manufacturer or Seller assumes no liability for improper use, DO NOT OVER HEAT!

How Should I Use Techni Ice As An Ice Pack To Keep Things In My Cooler Colder, For Longer?

Although you need less Techni Ice that you would bagged ice or gel ice packs, you still need to make sure that you use enough to do the job. Here’s what we recommend:

  • 1-2 Sheets for a personal or 6-pack cooler
  • 3-4 Sheets for a small cooler
  • 6-8 Sheets for a large cooler

If you know the actual size of your cooler in litres (it’s often listed somewhere on the container) then you can use the general rule of thumb of

1 sheet per 7 cubic litres of ice box.
Because Techni Ice is flexible when frozen it is easier to pack your cooling sheets in and around the containers and bottles in your picnic cooler. Also, keep in mind that cold air falls downward, when you use a large sheet (cut another sheet up into pieces for use in between objects or for small coolers and lunchboxes) in your cooler, lay it on top of everything to keep everything frozen longer.

How do Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs work?

  • Hydrate by immersing in water: 15-20 minutes for Standard (Std), 20-45 minutes for Heavy Duty Reusable (HDR). You only need to immerse in water once.
  • Cells should be approximately 1.25 inches thick. That’s 1 and 1/4 inches thick.
  • Once it is hydrated, dry it and place it in the freezer for 24 hours or more, and it’s ready to use. You can use it after 8-12 hours of freezing, but it’s a bit less efficient. The longer you freeze them, the better. (See “How do I freeze…” below.)
  • Once hydrated, store it in the freezer if you have room, so that it will be ready when needed.
  • Std Techni-ICE is reusable a few times and HDR Techni-ICE is reusable hundreds of times. The only limiting factor is if it is punctured by a sharp object, or smashed by a heavy one. With HDR Techni-ICE , even if the plastic gets torn after a while, the textile still holds in the polymer gel.

What can it be used for?…and what has it been used for?

Typically, Standard (Std) Techni-ICE is for the transporting of fresh, perishable and heat sensitive products, such as: meat, seafoods, vegetables, prepared foods, chocolates, candies, cookies, cakes, medicine, flowers, cosmetics, breast milk, and more.

Heavy Duty Reusable Techni-ICE is for applications where you need to use it many times, up to hundreds. It is often ideal for courier transporting of medicine and medical samples, or perishables such as ice cream and frozen food.

What else should I know about Techni-ICE?

  • Techni-ICE does not leak water, so there’s no mess, and no melting ice.
  • Techni-ICE is flexible, even when fully hydrated and frozen. You can cut it, fold it, or bend it along the seams between the cells.
  • Before hydrating, Techni-ICE is lightweight and compact for easy handling and low-cost shipping.
  • Techni-ICE can get down to Dry Ice temperature (-109 degrees F) and beyond.
  • Measures: 11 X 16 inches before hydration.

What is the difference between Heavy Duty Reusable (HDR) and Standard (Std) Techni-ICE?

Heavy Duty Reusable (HDR) and Standard (Std) Techni-ICE are the same inside, and cooling power is the same. The difference is in the external construction: The HDR has stronger plastic, with 2 layers of fabric and 2 layers of plastic. The Std has lighter plastic, with only 1 layer of fabric and 1 layer of plastic.

How do I freeze Techni-ICE?

Don’t stack Techni-ICE in the freezer: The Heavy Duty Reusable (HDR) will freeze slower, and Standard (Std) will stick together.

Freeze them for at least 24 hours. If you must, you can freeze them for less, but performance will suffer according to how long they are in the freezer.

For best performance, crank up your freezer to the highest setting.

How do I pack my frozen food to ship with Techni-ICE?

Use at least a 1 1/2 inch (one-and-a-half-inch) thick styrofoam cooler. Put a plastic liner (bag) in the cooler. Put your frozen perishables in. Put Techni-ICE in, plastic side down (for Std). Close bag. Fill any remaining airspace in cooler with styrofoam peanuts, foam, etc. Tape lid of cooler on.


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