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World Arthritis Day 2021

Techni Ice joins the World Arthritis Day 2021! Today is a special day that helps raise awareness in all audiences about arthritis. WAD or World Arthritis Day has been observed on this day, October 12, since 1996 all over the world. It is the day that people would be more aware and mindful of how […]

Shipping perishables with Techni Ice Reusable Pack

Want to know the benefits of shipping perishables with Techni Ice reusable ice pack? Techni Ice is the most reliable ice pack in the market. Considered to be the best replacement for traditional ice. In shipping perishable products and temperature sensitive items Techni Ice is the brand that most businesses confidently trust. Read along to […]

Techni Ice for our daily needs

Be it for our refreshments, keeping goods chilled, and in many other applications, ice packs have evolved to be a necessity. This is the reason why Techni-Ice, an innovative and reusable ice pack is available in the market. Traditionally we freeze water to enjoy cold drinks. Now that Techni Ice is here it will lessen […]

Stay Home Christmas Celebration

We are still in the fight against COVID 19 pandemic. Many of us have been prompt to practice the new normal ways of living. There is no doubt that the way we use to see things is no longer the same. As we need to continue to stay home this holiday season, Techni Ice is […]


Maintaining good health and safety is another war we are facing in this current battle we are into.  We are what we eat as we are how we live our lives. So setting up a routine for better nutrition and safe living, more sustainable products we use must get the best consideration. Businesses contemplate these […]


In this pandemic outbreak that we are currently into, staying at home is one of the safety measures that we need to follow. Home is the four cornered place that will make us feel secure against the virus. At home, we think of things to do to make our day productive. One of the ways […]