Techni Ice joins the World Arthritis Day 2021! Today is a special day that helps raise awareness in all audiences about arthritis. WAD or World Arthritis Day has been observed on this day, October 12, since 1996 all over the world. It is the day that people would be more aware and mindful of how arthritis takes off the quality of life and how this kind of condition may keep you from doing simple tasks and things you love. 

Read along to know more about arthritis and what measures you should consider in preventing and treating this inflammatory disease. 

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common disorder that affects your joints and has more than one form or type. Each form causes different symptoms and needs different treatments. It can cause pain in joints, increases stiffness, and sometimes shows swelling making it difficult to move or stay active. This is most common in the following areas of the body such as feet, hands, hips, knees, and lower back. As we all know arthritis usually affects older adults, and can also develop in men, women, and children of any age.

What you can do? 

Below are a few healthy habits you can practice to help reduce the risk of developing painful joints. 

  • Healthy living choices quit smoking and drinking. 

● Eating a healthy diet will reduce inflammation in the body. The top 5 most anti-inflammatory foods you can eat are berries, fatty fish like salmon, avocados, broccoli, and dark chocolate or cocoa. 

  • Exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles around the joints. 

● Maintain a normal and healthy weight through diet and exercise that will provide pain relief and reduces inflammation in the body. 

  • Heat and Cold. Apply heated pads to aching joints to help relieve pain temporarily. While ice packs can relieve pain and inflammation on your sore muscles after physical activity or strenuous exercise. Techni Ice’s reusable ice pack is what you can use for both hot and cold applications and is also available with body and knee wrap for easier and less hassle way of doing hot and cold compress. 
  • Lastly and most importantly, consult your Doctor! 

All the things stated above are just some of the general information that can help you to understand what arthritis is and what you can do to prevent and treat this type of condition. We still encourage you to have a visit to your family doctor to know what will work for you and what is not. 

Share some of the key things you have learned today and help raise awareness too! 


Shipping perishables

Want to know the benefits of shipping perishables with Techni Ice reusable ice pack? Techni Ice is the most reliable ice pack in the market. Considered to be the best replacement for traditional ice. In shipping perishable products and temperature sensitive items Techni Ice is the brand that most businesses confidently trust. Read along to learn more other benefits of using Techni ice reusable ice pack.

Benefits of using Techni Ice sheets for shipping and deliveries

  • Techni ice is a polymer-refrigerant non-toxic material used in wide variety of application. From hospitals to food and beverage establishments.
  • The product is easy to use. It can be completely hydrated in less than four minutes. It will surely save time and effort as your work can be easily done.
  • Techni ice stays frozen as long as dry ice and can lasts up to 4-7 times longer than wet ice. This helps in making sure your perishables stay fresh until it arrives to the consumers.
  • Our 4-ply variant is fully washable and can be reused for several times. This will lessen the expenses of buying traditional ice for preserving items.
  • Techni ice sheet is FDA approved. Making it safe when in contact with food or sensitive items use in most hospitals and laboratories.
  • Techni ice sheet can be cut, wrap or folded to fit any size of container. A flexible material suitable for shipping items that require certain temperature while in transport.

Now that you’ve known Techni ice and the benefits it can offer for shipping perishables and other business related purposes. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and let your recipient received package in the best and fresh state it should be.

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Techni Ice FEB 2021

Be it for our refreshments, keeping goods chilled, and in many other applications, ice packs have evolved to be a necessity. This is the reason why Techni-Ice, an innovative and reusable ice pack is available in the market. Traditionally we freeze water to enjoy cold drinks. Now that Techni Ice is here it will lessen the hassle of making your own ice packs and cubes and it is packaged with much more benefits.

Techni Ice reusable ice pack is the best alternative to traditional ice. Our product is used by moms, athletes, logistics services, and even for medical applications which makes us the global leader in ice packs.

Trusted by Mom’s

The most unique advantage of Techni Ice is its ability to be used hot or cold. Techni Ice can be used to warm chilled or frozen breast milk for the baby. It is flexible and can be cut to pieces allows it to conform and fit into milk bottle bags. Techni Ice can also double as a hot compress pack when your mom wants to relax or ease body aches.

Athlete’s partner

Techni Ice is trusted by most athletes in keeping cool refreshments while doing their routine exercises. Our reusable ice pack can last up to 24 hours when properly chilled making it a ready-to-go handy ice sheet for athletes. Just like our mom’s Techni Ice can act as a cold or hot pack to soothe tensed muscles and ease cramps.

Food Delivery and Logistics

Food deliveries have become the next big thing as we are prompted to stay at home and to keep safe. Techni Ice is helping restaurants and their logistics partners to deliver hot and delicious meals at your every doorstep. We are also helping grocery deliveries to ensure that meat products, frozen good stay chilled and fresh once they get to you.

Medical applications

Techni Ice reusable ice pack is certified by New South Wales, Australia FDA. Our product is qualified and suitable for food transport and medical applications. Techni Ice has the capability to maintain the required temperature of vials, chilled medical supplies or specimens for a longer period of time when packed in a properly insulated bag. This proves to be absolutely convenient when transporting these highly perishable items from one place to another.

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Stay Home Christmas Celebration

We are still in the fight against COVID 19 pandemic. Many of us have been prompt to practice the new normal ways of living. There is no doubt that the way we use to see things is no longer the same. As we need to continue to stay home this holiday season, Techni Ice is here with you to give some ideas for a Stay Home Christmas Celebration with your loved ones.

5 simple ways for a Stay Home Christmas Celebration:

  1. Make decorations for your home – you don’t have to spend a lot on a Christmas décor. Put up your old but precious Christmas tree and make décor out of recycled materials to save money. You can make ornaments with the things you have around the house such as art paper, ribbons, and plastic caps.
  2. Do some Baking – The holiday is the time to eat well. Create some of your favorite pastries and comfort food. You might want to try making your own baked pasta or some delicacies. This will add to the feel of a stay home Christmas Celebration. You can prepare meals for the Christmas Eve celebration at home earlier than before.  Techni Ice Reusable Ice Pack can help you make your prepared food keep warm until it’s time to dine. 
  3. Turn up the music for a festive mood – All you need to do is tune in to a local radio station or any streaming music services online. You can also take some time to dance with your loved ones and feel that Christmas spirit at home. Pop up some wine or champagne to have your own little party. Techni Ice Reusable Ice Pack can keep them chilled while you enjoy your dancing and karaoke spree.
  4. Reflect on the reason for Christmas – Consider reading a bible or a nice devotional material with your Family. You can also watch movies about the birth of Jesus. Pray and meditate for another year he has given it was tough yes, but still bless seeing your family safe and happy together.
  5. Enjoy Christmas dinner with your Family – Set the table for a family dinner for an intimate Stay Home Christmas Celebration. Place the cooked meal you prepared and some chilled beverage on the side with Techni Ice reusable Ice pack. This is a hassle-free way to chill your drink letting you have more time and share laughter with your loved ones.

Make your Stay Home Christmas Celebration a special one. Despite the challenges we have been facing let’s try to always look for ways to make the birth of Jesus extra special. Celebrate the Christmas spirit of faith, love, and joy with everyone, and let this year Stay home Christmas Celebration be the best ever.

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Maintaining good health and safety is another war we are facing in this current battle we are into.  We are what we eat as we are how we live our lives. So setting up a routine for better nutrition and safe living, more sustainable products we use must get the best consideration. Businesses contemplate these important factors in creating a product that adds to the wellness of the majority.

Techni Ice Reusable Ice Pack partner for safe living.

SEA Olympus Marketing Inc., produced Techni Ice, a nature-friendly material to ensure the safety of the users. It is safe in contact with food. At this time we prefer to have our meals prepared to assure us of our food intake. Techni Ice can be your trusted partner to lessen your contact with people. As you don’t need to go out to buy food or drinks at your workplace. The Techni Ice sheets can fit in any container as it can be cut to small sizes. It also doesn’t add much weight to your food pack. Techni Ice sheets, being a flexible product makes you enjoy nutritious meals at the comfort of your office desk.

Reusable Techni Ice pack is an alternative to traditional Ice with much better benefits. It can last up to 24 hours after freezing and amazingly it can also be used for warm applications. A microwaved Techni Ice sheet can make your healthy meal warm up to 4 hours. So whether you want to indulge with your favorite cold drink or need to enjoy your prepared comfort meal. Food is best consumed when it is in the right state of freshness. A reusable Techni Ice pack can pull it off.

Good nutrition is always important to have a safe living. It becomes even more important because a well-balanced diet of nutritious food helps support a strong immune system.

Remember to take care of yourself to be safe. 

Health is Wealth! 

In this pandemic outbreak that we are currently into, staying at home is one of the safety measures that we need to follow. Home is the four cornered place that will make us feel secure against the virus. At home, we think of things to do to make our day productive. One of the ways to keep our minds busy is cooking because we all do love to eat and that is essential for everyday living. While most of us chose to cook our own meals there are also people that prefer to buy food online and have it delivered to their doorsteps at home or in their offices.

We at SEA OLYMPUS MARKETING INC. distribute a product called Techni Ice, a polymer – based refrigerant made from non – toxic materials with reasonable price that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Restaurants that offer food deliveries can use Techni Ice in order to keep the food warm, and that will leave good reviews from their customers.


Techni Ice sheets needs to be hydrated first in order for the polymer used inside the sheets absorbs water that will make the product function for your hot application.


  • Immerse flat sheet in a basin with warm water. Scrunch the sheet underwater for 2-4 minutes.
  • Water will go through the micro-holes which will hydrate the polymer.
  • Once, hydrated, pinch the cells to make sure there’s enough space for expansion.


Put the hydrated Techni Ice sheets inside a microwave oven at 600 watts for 1-2 minutes or longer if higher temperature is required. The heated Techni Ice sheets can last up to 4 hours in a well insulated bag or container. Techni Ice is a non-toxic product that gives you less worry because it is safe during the food contact. It is a hygienic washable product due to the layers of heavy duty plastic and it can also be use repeatedly as long as the fabric is stain free.

Techni Ice is an advanced technology product suited for any essential application that will make consumer save more energy, time and money.

Techni Ice for Frontliners

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a great toll on our community. The threat that it generates had created fear and anxiety amongst all of us. This has been the reason why we are currently on an enhanced community quarantine. We are not allowed to get out of our house. Only those essential workers whom we call as our frontliners who take risks during this pandemic and also those who need to buy essential needs are given permission to go outside.

Frontliners as Modern Heroes

The different frontliners such as doctors, nurses, health workers, police, and other men in uniform have been working all day long to ensure our safety. The police force is out there making sure that the peace and order of the community are strictly followed.

They are doing their best to make us feel safe and protected during this pandemic. Our medical forces such as the doctors and nurses are on duty 24 hours a day. They are on full alert, always ready to treat all the patients that need medical attention.

Physically and Mentally Exhausted

Because of how busy they are, they do not have enough time to take a rest. They do not have enough sleep and barely be able to take a break during this pandemic. They are also mentally exhausted. They are far from their families and not being able to see your loved ones especially during this pandemic is very tough.

The feeling of missing your family and home in addition to a very tiring work can cause a great toll on the body. Because of this some of the personnel in the front line suffer from different body pain. These pains are the result of standing for so long without a break. Some had also overexerted their bodies resulting in strain and injuries on their body. They suffer from back pain, muscle pain, and other body injuries.

Help ease the burden with Techni Ice

One of the best and easiest way to help them ease the pain that they are suffering is through the use of hot and cold compress therapy. Treating this body pain using hot and cold compress is amazingly effective for different situations and conditions and is also a lot easier and affordable.

Undergoing heat therapy will help you circulate the flow of blood on a certain area of the body because of the temperature increase. It can help soothe the discomfort and enhance the flexibility of the muscles as well as heal the damaged tissues.

Applying a warm compress on the neck can help reduce the spasm and can reduce headache.

While the use of cold therapy effectively works by slowing or reducing the blood flow in a certain area of the body. As a result, the pain caused by inflammation and swelling will greatly be reduced particularly in joints and tendons. It slows down the activity of the nerves that can also help relieve the pain.

A cold compress can be used to areas with swelling. You can use it on your foot to minimize the pain due to standing for a very long time.

Techni Ice Heat and Cold Pack will help you ease the pain that you are experiencing. Techni Ice is applicable for hot and cold applications making it useful on various occasions. Following the proper hydration process can make it completely-hydrated in less than four (4) minutes. Placing the hydrated pack for 12 hours in the freezer will make it last for 24 hours straight cold application while placing it in the microwave for two (2) minutes will let it stay hot for 1-2 hours.

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Techni ice Relief Goods
Pharmaceutical Deliveries

The country is currently facing a health crisis because of the inception of the new Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) which is now a pandemic. The demand for different medical and pharmaceutical supplies has increased significantly.

Because of the threat that this new virus had created, the whole medical world is on high alert. The government is also continuously working on how to keep everything under control by creating protocols and preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Because of this turn of events, there is a great need for efficient and effective ways of delivering pharmaceutical supplies and medical samples to different hospitals and medical institutes around the country. This is because not all of our medical facilities have the capability to make the proper laboratory tests needed to address this issue.

This is mostly true for different regions that are lacking with the proper facilities needed in order to confirm the presence of such virus. That is why there is a necessity for proper handling and delivery of the pharmaceutical and test samples.

Techni Ice reusable ice pack is responsible for keeping the medical goods at its optimum temperature. For tools and samples that are needed to stay cold for a long period of time, Techni Ice can remain frozen for a long period of time enough to keep each lab samples or pharmaceutical products cold during transportation. Techni Ice can also be used in transporting items that need warm temperatures.

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With the current crisis that we are in, let us all help each other overcome this challenging time. As much as possible, keep yourself safe and healthy not just for your own but also for your family.

Avoid crowded places in the meantime; follow the rules and regulations that the government had implemented. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based products as a disinfectant.

Remain calm and take positive outlook. Make sure that you are updated with the latest news and updated in regards with the current situation.

Be safe all the time!

How to keep your special delivery fresh this valentine

Aside from romantic dates and intimate dinner, there are other ways on how you can show to your partners how special they are. Some sing their favorite song, and others prefer to send special delivery of flowers or chocolate to their loved ones.

This Valentine’s Day some couples make some special effort to make their partners happy. The most common thing is through special delivery of foods, flowers or anything sweet to their special someone.

This is most especially true for those who are on a long-distance relationship or unable to see their loved ones because of some circumstances. People who work far away from their families usually sort to this kind of thing.

Since they cannot personally attend or be with their partners during this period, they still want to show how much they care through special delivery of gifts.

But one of the problems during this delivery is how to preserve the items. Making sure that the items are well preserved or stay fresh upon special delivery is a great challenge.

If not well taken care of some foods turned out to be soggy upon delivery, cakes are smashed or the foods are spoiled. This has always been a problem that every delivery personnel has to solve. Some of these challenges are humidity, extreme temperatures, and even staleness or spoilage.

Luckily there are some things that you can do in order to save your delivery from disaster. This will also make sure that the food or items you wanted to send to your special someone will not be spoiled and will stay fresh as much as possible.

For special delivery, use watertight plastic or containers.

Use watertight plastic or containers.

The most common problem that you might face during special delivery, especially for food, is sogginess. Containers and other boxes that easily leak is not ideal for food delivery. 

To prevent this issue from happening, avoid using leak boxes or if you cannot avoid using it try to make use of thick plastic liner and cover the inside of your container with it. You can also use an absorbent pad above the liner to prevent leaks.

Also, you can use a watertight plastic bag to make sure that the container is completely sealed. 

Use proper insulation in order to keep the product stays frozen. before you deliver it

Use proper insulation in order to keep the product frozen.

Some food and flowers need to remain frozen in order to keep them fresh. Use proper insulating containers such as coolers to keep them frozen for a longer period of time or until the product was delivered. 

Use insulated foam or thermal bubble wraps for it can help keep your product stay frozen for a longer period of time.

Create an airtight seal.

Create an airtight seal.

If you are planning to send some cakes or chocolate to your special someone, it is important to keep them safe and stable during the delivery in order to not ruin its appearance and keep it fresh. Use plastic wraps to seal the cake, you can use shrink wrap to protect sturdy goodies such as pies. 

For delicate cakes, make sure to wrap it gently using plastic wrap. For cupcakes, make sure to use a cupcake holder and put them in an individual space to keep them from impact during delivery.

Techni Ice Reusable Ice Pack

Use the best refrigerant for cold or frozen items.

For special delivery, it is best to use highly refrigerant products in order to preserve the food you are trying to deliver. Techni Ice pack is best for delivery since it can stay frozen for a very long period of time. 

It is also safe for food contact since Techni Ice is non-toxic so it is safe for food contact. Unlike wet ice, Techni Ice will stay dry, there is no need to worry for water leaks that may cause your food to become soggy. It is the best alternative for dry ice and is much affordable compared to dry ice.

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