Traveling with the family is just one of the many ways we use cars as means of transportation. We use cars almost every day when we go to work, fetch our kids from school, for running emergency errands or for transporting goods and service to a certain destination.

One of the reasons why having an ice pack to store our food and goods inside our cars is a necessity. Regular ice packs have a short span and often lead to leaky messes and accumulate smell. Leaks and spillovers from ice coolers while on travel create unpleasant odors inside the car. It is best to resort to a water-less alternative that will last longer while offering the best benefits.

An innovative dry ice pack in the name of Techni Ice is the best replacement for where regular ice packs are currently applied. It remains at frozen state in a longer period without returning to its solvent form. Because it is lighter compared to regular ice packs, it does not add up to the weight of the car during the travel. Here are five reasons why you should have Techni Ice ice sheets while inside your car.

  1. Food – we need food, who does not? Food is an essential when driving or traveling so it is a definite must to have them stored for longer periods to maintain the nutritional use. This is where ice sheets like Techni Ice come in because it comes as a flat sheet making it comfortable and easy to use. It has a fully washable surface which allows it to be reused.
  2. Cold and Hot Beverage – Ice Sheet from Techni Ice is the best polymer refrigerant in the market. It stays frozen as long as dry ice. It lasts 4-7 times longer than wet ice making it a convenient tool to use for storing your cold and hot beverages while on the go.
  3. Baby Formula – Working moms and breastfeeding moms can store their breast milk or formula milk without having to worry that it will leave a mess. With Techni Ice, preparing and storing milk readily for use for their babies inside the car becomes quick and easy to do.
  4. Emergency First Aid – Driving can sometimes lead to congestion and heavy traffic especially if you are driving in the city. It is advisable to be on the road prepared and have an emergency first aid ready for unexpected situations that call for immediate action like muscle cramps or heat stroke. Versatile heating pads like Techni Ice can also be used as heating pad for muscle or stomach cramps.
  5. Patient Medication Protection – If you are driving for a patient who is constantly having medication, having a sheet of Techni Ice can go a long way for you. Each sheet measures 16″x11″ and comprises of 24 cells. It can be cut into size to fit any compartments. It can be wrapped around to suit any shape or size.

Indeed having a flexible and versatile product like Techni Ice ready in your car can help you drive safely and smoothly.