Convenient Use of Ice Sheets in School and at Work
Categories : Blog Author: Gracina Cabañog

Food or “baon” is a basic necessity in life. It is vital to the general upkeep of the body system. Therefore, whenever possible, food must be served at required temperature to help mitigate, or at least forestall some negative living microorganisms from forming in. Techni Ice, the new technology dry ice packs are the great innovative technology that answers all your food preservation woes.

In the light of this, maintaining the quality of the food should be the first priority of food servers. While foods are now readily available in almost all areas outside commercial offices and schools, there are some of us who would still want to have our own cooked food during meal time. Bringing personal ‘baon’ or lunch boxes from early in the morning just to have something to eat at noon may require some considerations, especially on the quality of container and some environmental conditions, which may affect the quality of food.

To help maintain the desired temperature of foods, Techni Ice is here to solve this inevitable problem. The good thing about Techni Ice is that it has the ability to maintain the temperature of the food that we prepare whether it is hot or cold. In fact, Techni Ice is a reusable heat and cold pack in flat sheets as replacement for dry ice, wet ice or ice gels.

Working moms who barely have no time to cook and deliver food for their kids at school can benefit from this time saving and quality product because, it provides the ideal temperature for their kids’ “baon” giving them the right amount of nutritional benefits. For a person who is working and is always on the go, Techni Ice is the great go-to ice sheet. You can prepare cold salads and hot drinks with Techni Ice and store it conveniently on your bag and meal packs.

Techni Ice ice sheets are incredibly useful to have around especially for storing easy to spoil foods like spaghetti or ice cream which kids and adult alike enjoy eating for lunch. The possibilities of using Techni Ice for the foods we prepare and love to eat hot or cold are endless with the very affordable and easy to use ice sheet like Techni Ice.

Have you used Techni Ice Sheets for your kids’ baon? What ideas do you have in mind? Let us know your thoughts!

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