Pharmaceutical Deliveries

The country is currently facing a health crisis because of the inception of the new Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) which is now a pandemic. The demand for different medical and pharmaceutical supplies has increased significantly.

Because of the threat that this new virus had created, the whole medical world is on high alert. The government is also continuously working on how to keep everything under control by creating protocols and preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Because of this turn of events, there is a great need for efficient and effective ways of delivering pharmaceutical supplies and medical samples to different hospitals and medical institutes around the country. This is because not all of our medical facilities have the capability to make the proper laboratory tests needed to address this issue.

This is mostly true for different regions that are lacking with the proper facilities needed in order to confirm the presence of such virus. That is why there is a necessity for proper handling and delivery of the pharmaceutical and test samples.

Techni Ice reusable ice pack is responsible for keeping the medical goods at its optimum temperature. For tools and samples that are needed to stay cold for a long period of time, Techni Ice can remain frozen for a long period of time enough to keep each lab samples or pharmaceutical products cold during transportation. Techni Ice can also be used in transporting items that need warm temperatures.

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With the current crisis that we are in, let us all help each other overcome this challenging time. As much as possible, keep yourself safe and healthy not just for your own but also for your family.

Avoid crowded places in the meantime; follow the rules and regulations that the government had implemented. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based products as a disinfectant.

Remain calm and take positive outlook. Make sure that you are updated with the latest news and updated in regards with the current situation.

Be safe all the time!