Shipping perishables

Want to know the benefits of shipping perishables with Techni Ice reusable ice pack? Techni Ice is the most reliable ice pack in the market. Considered to be the best replacement for traditional ice. In shipping perishable products and temperature sensitive items Techni Ice is the brand that most businesses confidently trust. Read along to learn more other benefits of using Techni ice reusable ice pack.

Benefits of using Techni Ice sheets for shipping and deliveries

  • Techni ice is a polymer-refrigerant non-toxic material used in wide variety of application. From hospitals to food and beverage establishments.
  • The product is easy to use. It can be completely hydrated in less than four minutes. It will surely save time and effort as your work can be easily done.
  • Techni ice stays frozen as long as dry ice and can lasts up to 4-7 times longer than wet ice. This helps in making sure your perishables stay fresh until it arrives to the consumers.
  • Our 4-ply variant is fully washable and can be reused for several times. This will lessen the expenses of buying traditional ice for preserving items.
  • Techni ice sheet is FDA approved. Making it safe when in contact with food or sensitive items use in most hospitals and laboratories.
  • Techni ice sheet can be cut, wrap or folded to fit any size of container. A flexible material suitable for shipping items that require certain temperature while in transport.

Now that you’ve known Techni ice and the benefits it can offer for shipping perishables and other business related purposes. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and let your recipient received package in the best and fresh state it should be.

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