Stay Home Christmas Celebration

We are still in the fight against COVID 19 pandemic. Many of us have been prompt to practice the new normal ways of living. There is no doubt that the way we use to see things is no longer the same. As we need to continue to stay home this holiday season, Techni Ice is here with you to give some ideas for a Stay Home Christmas Celebration with your loved ones.

5 simple ways for a Stay Home Christmas Celebration:

  1. Make decorations for your home – you don’t have to spend a lot on a Christmas décor. Put up your old but precious Christmas tree and make décor out of recycled materials to save money. You can make ornaments with the things you have around the house such as art paper, ribbons, and plastic caps.
  2. Do some Baking – The holiday is the time to eat well. Create some of your favorite pastries and comfort food. You might want to try making your own baked pasta or some delicacies. This will add to the feel of a stay home Christmas Celebration. You can prepare meals for the Christmas Eve celebration at home earlier than before.  Techni Ice Reusable Ice Pack can help you make your prepared food keep warm until it’s time to dine. 
  3. Turn up the music for a festive mood – All you need to do is tune in to a local radio station or any streaming music services online. You can also take some time to dance with your loved ones and feel that Christmas spirit at home. Pop up some wine or champagne to have your own little party. Techni Ice Reusable Ice Pack can keep them chilled while you enjoy your dancing and karaoke spree.
  4. Reflect on the reason for Christmas – Consider reading a bible or a nice devotional material with your Family. You can also watch movies about the birth of Jesus. Pray and meditate for another year he has given it was tough yes, but still bless seeing your family safe and happy together.
  5. Enjoy Christmas dinner with your Family – Set the table for a family dinner for an intimate Stay Home Christmas Celebration. Place the cooked meal you prepared and some chilled beverage on the side with Techni Ice reusable Ice pack. This is a hassle-free way to chill your drink letting you have more time and share laughter with your loved ones.

Make your Stay Home Christmas Celebration a special one. Despite the challenges we have been facing let’s try to always look for ways to make the birth of Jesus extra special. Celebrate the Christmas spirit of faith, love, and joy with everyone, and let this year Stay home Christmas Celebration be the best ever.

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