Techni Ice vs Dry Ice: which is better?

As it is usually confused with the latter one, Techni Ice is not a Dry Ice. But what makes it as a best substitute than dry ice?

Dry Ice is commonly used for transportation, as dry ice just goes to sublimation, leaving no water residue unlike regular ice, drugs and medicine manufacturers and special effects smoke-like.
Choosing to utilize with Dry Ice has several benefits for you, but Techni Ice offers better. Let me line up why switching to Techni Ice Reusable Ice Sheets are better compare to Dry Ice:

– It stays frozen for days
– Flexible even when on frozen state
– Can be cut to sizes
– Way lighter than ice
– Definitely longest lasting
– Patented Technology
– It does not turn back to water
– Reusable over and over again
– No more soggy food
– Safe non-toxic polymer
– Can be used for both HOT and COLD application
– Preferred by airline industries than dry ice

With that list, it is obvious that Techni Ice is better than dry ice and more convenient for its number of applications it can be used for. From recreational, medical, commercial and mainly for household applications, Techni Ice has variety of uses to choose from.

    • Recreational Applications
  • Camping
  • Fishing*
  • Sports
  • Picnics

Medical Applications*

  • Medicine preservation
  • Organ transfer
  • Warm and Cold compress
  • Equine veterinary

Commercial Applications*

  • Food delivery
  • Raw foods transportation
  • Nutrients preservation
  • Fresh goods production

Household Applications

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Warming of lunch
  • Chilling of beverages
  • Breast milk

* Techni Ice is proven safe and non-toxic as it is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Great advantage of Techni Ice than dry ice, is the price. With Techni Ice, you can buy by sheets and it can be cut to multiple parts and reusable as well. Easy to use and reuse.
Techni Ice Reusable Ice Sheets are easy to maintain. It can be stored by wrapping a plastic bag and can be placed in a cupboard or freezer. Just have it in a running water to maintain and regain its hydration. Do make sure to take note and leave a thumb indentation in each cell for room of expansion.

  • Easy to use
  • Better than dry ice
  • Reusable
  • Budget friendly
  • FDA approved
  • Multiple applications

Surely, Techni Ice is better than dry ice.

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