Techni Ice FEB 2021

Be it for our refreshments, keeping goods chilled, and in many other applications, ice packs have evolved to be a necessity. This is the reason why Techni-Ice, an innovative and reusable ice pack is available in the market. Traditionally we freeze water to enjoy cold drinks. Now that Techni Ice is here it will lessen the hassle of making your own ice packs and cubes and it is packaged with much more benefits.

Techni Ice reusable ice pack is the best alternative to traditional ice. Our product is used by moms, athletes, logistics services, and even for medical applications which makes us the global leader in ice packs.

Trusted by Mom’s

The most unique advantage of Techni Ice is its ability to be used hot or cold. Techni Ice can be used to warm chilled or frozen breast milk for the baby. It is flexible and can be cut to pieces allows it to conform and fit into milk bottle bags. Techni Ice can also double as a hot compress pack when your mom wants to relax or ease body aches.

Athlete’s partner

Techni Ice is trusted by most athletes in keeping cool refreshments while doing their routine exercises. Our reusable ice pack can last up to 24 hours when properly chilled making it a ready-to-go handy ice sheet for athletes. Just like our mom’s Techni Ice can act as a cold or hot pack to soothe tensed muscles and ease cramps.

Food Delivery and Logistics

Food deliveries have become the next big thing as we are prompted to stay at home and to keep safe. Techni Ice is helping restaurants and their logistics partners to deliver hot and delicious meals at your every doorstep. We are also helping grocery deliveries to ensure that meat products, frozen good stay chilled and fresh once they get to you.

Medical applications

Techni Ice reusable ice pack is certified by New South Wales, Australia FDA. Our product is qualified and suitable for food transport and medical applications. Techni Ice has the capability to maintain the required temperature of vials, chilled medical supplies or specimens for a longer period of time when packed in a properly insulated bag. This proves to be absolutely convenient when transporting these highly perishable items from one place to another.

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