Many people assume that ice is exclusively used for drinks or other consumables. Still, many other industries need ice for uses unrelated to beverages. The healthcare sector is one of those industries. They use different types of ice for different purposes. Hospital ice is primarily used for wound care and physical therapy.

Let’s discuss how Techni Ice can be used as hospital ice and how it is important to the medical field. Where regular ice, dry ice, or gel packs are currently used, Techni Ice is the ideal alternative. It is hygienic, safe, and non-toxic.

Applying Techni Ice Reduces Swelling

For many years, cold compresses have been the recommended treatment for sprains and muscle pulls; however, an effective cold compress requires the use of ice. Techni Ice helps the injured area heal by decreasing blood flow into the surrounding tissues and muscle spasms and swelling. In the process, it also numbs the injury and lessens pain. Not treated immediately can take a lot longer to heal.

Physical Therapy

Aside from taking an ice bath as an efficient method for recovering fast, cold compresses are applied to relieve pain from prolonged training sessions or chronic injuries. For many physical therapy and sports therapy clinics, ice is a must. As Techni Ice is used, it reduces inflammation after manual therapy or exercise. Techni Ice does not only offer the ice sheet but also accessories such as the arm/knee wrap and the body wrap.


Techni Ice can be used extensively by pharmaceutical research labs for storage and transportation. Since it is non-toxic and safe, there is no chance that tainted fluids will contaminate medications or other extremely sensitive pharmaceutical products like vaccines during transportation. As Techni Ice sheet is made from Heavy Duty plastic and with high quality fabric encapsulating the high refrigerant durable polymer gel in it.


Techni Ice maintains its frozen state for an extended period of time. It is widely used to store biological samples, including blood and vaccines. Since this kind of material is delicate and needs to be kept at cold temperatures for extended periods of time, the only way to guarantee its survival in ideal circumstances is to use Techni Ice.

Techni Ice especially the 4-ply can be reused several times because it is washable which is ideal to use for aiding physical therapy and applying first aid, however for a more hygienic and safe use, storage and transportation of vaccines, specimen and other medical drugs, Techni Ice 2-ply is highly recommended for instances of 1-time use. Both variants are guaranteed completely safe, even when in contact with skin and pharmaceutical products.

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