The Best way to Preserve Nutrition
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Philippine Nutrition Month 2018 Theme –
Ugaling Magtanim, Sapat na Nutrisyong Aanihin

National Nutrition Month is to help people learn about making informed food decisions and developing healthy eating and physical activity habits. It has been celebrated here in the Philippines every July as a month-long awareness program of National Nutrition Council.

As the theme goes, it aims for natural food production and nutritional recognition as an essential factor in overall health and well-being, thus, contributing to the overall productivity and development of a person’s body. Essential to us, this year’s theme focuses on food production at home through the family’s own garden. Planted vegetables and fruits in your little backyard, farm or even inside our homes can be enjoyable and healthy as you plant and take care of it together with your family.

Having a backyard farm can really benefit the family. Aside from being able to save from purchasing raw goods such as vegetables and fruits on the market, you will be able to benefit from the nutrients directly from these fresh goods. Taking note on the importance of healthful eating and it can also promote active lifestyles for children and families and can create bonds while taking care of their backyard farm, cook healthy foods and eat right.

Aside from harvesting the goods in your backyard, one thing a family needs to know is preserving goods at home. There are instances that we cannot avoid like the weather, too much heat might damage your planted vegetables and fruits while rainy seasons can drown and/or wash away it. Harvesting it at the appropriate time and preserving it in such means can prolong its edible state until served. Learning to preserve your own food at home is something every family should implement, not just for survival or preparedness, but for frugality, health, and working together as a family.

Get to enjoy the freshness of your harvest as you preserve them in a cold storage. Cold storage is an easy and traditional preservation method where the fruits and vegetables are enclosed in a box surrounded by Techni Ice Reusable Ice Pack. This will reduce the rate of microbiological changes in foods in order to extend its shelf life and its nutrients are not affected by it.

Cold Storage or Chilling is also used in Food Transportation. Fresh harvest of fruits and vegetables are sealed in boxes wrapped inside with Techni Ice Reusable Ice Pack and the freshness will last until it is served on your plates.