The Importance of Breast Pumping and the Essential Gears

Breastpumping Gears


The modern technology such as the invention of handy breast pump is a great help to all the moms working outside the home, busy running errands, and planning other life activities. Breast pumping helps mothers express and store breast milk and let the baby continue to have access to breast milk even when she’s not around. This ensures mothers that their babies get their due share of breast milk nutrients despite the distance.

Breast pumping reduces the chance of mastitis and pumping out enough breast milk can save mothers from the clutches of engorgement and the heaviness of breasts. Also, this allows the father to bond and foster attachment to his child when he feed the expressed milk all the while giving the mom a break on late-night feedings.

Most importantly, breast pumping signals the body that more milk is needed and allows mothers to store breast milk for future use, so when mothers need it, there’s a backup milk supply ready to be thawed.


  1. Breast Pump- is a mechanical device, manual or electronic, use to suction the nipple area of the breast to extract milk. breast pumps
  2. Airtight Storag bags and bottles– use to store the expressed breast milk safely and conveniently. storage bags and bottles
  3. Insulated Cooler Bags– use to keep the breastmilk frozen or cool and safe until it’s ready to be thawed for baby’s consumption. cooler bag
  4. Techni Ice 4 ply Packs- Use in keeping expressed milk chilled, it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, definitely safe when in contact with storage bags/bottles and reusable for as many times as you want with proper usage and care.techni ice

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