techni ice to keep vaccines in stable temperature


Many are so afraid of the needles yet doesn’t fear the consequences for not getting vaccinated coz reality is, not everyone likes getting a jab in the arm. But getting vaccination saves lives. It is the most important thing to do to prevent getting sick and to protect your loved ones.

And with what’s happening with our weather these past few months, we must know that viruses thrive in either a cold and dry or humid and rainy season, which is why many are now having colds or worse having influenza and other complications. The symptoms of influenza range from mild to severe and it is affecting anyone. For the elderly and people with chronic illnesses, getting infected with flu can be very serious, even deadly. Therefore, the best way to prevent this and worsen the complications is to get vaccinated every year or when prescribed by the doctor. Vaccines are there to help us and not to make things worse.

To lessen the reported cases in relation to flu virus, the government, some private entities, medical organizations or even NGOs are doing their part in encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. One of their ways is to visit and conduct vaccination campaign by district or by barangay. Doing so, requires them to transport the vaccines from one place to another. And these vaccines are temperature sensitive. And here is why ice pack such as Techni Ice plays an important role in this vaccination drive. To keep the vaccines in stable temperature while being transported until the time it’ll be injected, medical personnel use Techni Ice. Techni Ice packs help maintain temperature in a sealed container for a long time. It has become one of the most reliable staples in making the vaccination campaign a success. But wait there’s more! Techni Ice does not only help keep vaccines at the desired temperature, but it can also be used to help minimize the pain, swelling and other discomfort you may feel after the injection. Just apply Techni Ice to the affected area, after the pain subsides you can always reuse it and can even be switched to warm compress to help relax your muscles. Moreover, it is non-toxic, safe, hygienic, and FDA approved too.

techni ice vaccine

So, let’s put in mind that this vaccination campaign is not only for our own benefit but also to protect the ones around us. And this vaccination drive is made easy with the use of Techni Ice.

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